May 2, 2012

BBQ at Ocean Beach!

 We decided to try something new the week before last and as it was beautiful weather in San Francisco we headed over to Ocean Beach. We often go to the zoo and decided to check out the beach right beside the Zoo, just at the intersection of Sloat and The Great Highway. 

 There is a parking lot right on the beach but you have to basically be lucky to get a spot.  We happened to be looking just as someone was leaving and it was definitely worth waiting for the spot.  From the lot it was a short walk down a steep hill and you are right on the beach!

There were lots of signs posted letting people know there were no fires allowed.  We assumed this did not include BBQs and cooked our lunch anyway.

One thing that immediately struck us was the amount of shoot on the sand.  It seemed that everything was covered with a thin layer of black dust and as a result our children were quickly covered as well.  Despite this a good time was had by everyone and while the Ocean was cold it was not freezing and we all enjoyed playing in the waves.

Overall a great day but if time is limited would suggest checking out other beaches like Half Moon Bay around for your sand castle building and  BBQing enjoyment!

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