April 6, 2012

Egg Decorating

Egg decorating might not have taken us outside but we did do it in the bright sunlight steaming in from the window so I figure it counts.  :) 

 While I don't have strong memories of decorating eggs for Easter when I was younger (I think I was just too focused on the chocolate) I love the idea of doing this type of thing with my kids.  Last year Alec and his grandmother decorated eggs at their house and while we would have loved to do it with her again this year they have moved so we had to sort it out for ourselves. 

We hard boiled a dozen eggs and the kids were off to the races. After a quick taste test of two eggs that had cracked during the boiling the dyes came out and the fun began.  The results might not have been award winning but they were unique to each of the kids and brought smiles to everyone's faces.  Only a small amount of egg dye was ingested and a fun time was had by all!