March 24, 2012

Swim Lessons

We recently restarted swim lessons for both boys and as G’s parents moved last summer we decided to forgo lessons at the PJCC and try La Petite Baleen Swim School in San Bruno as it is a bit closer to home.  This week will be our third class and so far we are really happy with it.  It is different from our previous lessons as the focus is very much on learning to swim rather than just getting used to the water.

   Our three year old is in the pool with a teacher and three other kids and has learned to be comfortable without a parent in the water, hold his breath (balloon face) and swim around 6 feet on his own.  He looks forward to going to the class and also enjoys the train table he gets to play with while we are waiting for his younger brother. Our one year old is in the water with his dad and by the end of the class is exhausted. He spends his time in class getting used to being in the water, and putting his face underwater. A lot of the focus is on safety and learning the basics a simple repetitive nature. For example, he learns to climb out methodically, elbow - elbow - tummy - knee - knee; and while he can't quite do it on his own he definitely is getting the idea.

One funny thing is that they have the kids wear goggles and fins, have to admit it is pretty darn cute to see them in their gear ready to go! 

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