March 20, 2012

Magic Mountain Playground at Coyote Point

We decided to try a new playground a few weeks ago and as it was foggy and cold in San Francisco we decided to head south.  We thought that Coyote Point would be a good option and after looking online found information on what sounded (and proved to be) and amazing playground called Magic Mountain.   

Magic Mountain is basically designed and based on a gigantic purple dinosaur and castle.  It consists of big and baby swings, at least 6 slides and a ton of other things to climb.  The ground is covered with that soft rubber materials a lot of modern parks are using these days which is perfect as our boys both tend to take a lot of tumbles.  As soon as we arrived our three year old was up the multistory structure and while he would not go down the long tunnel side on his own he had a great time climbing and expended a lot of his energy.  Another of our kids favorite things was the dinosaur’s mouth where they could actually get inside and climb on the teeth. 

The only downside of this trip was the cost.  It was $6 to get into the conservation area which was totally reasonable but there was an additional $25 fee to use one of the picnic tables beside the playground which we needed to BBQ.  Had we known about the cost we would have just brought sandwiches and had a picnic on the grass but we were excited to use our Cobb BBQ and had been looking forward to the idea of hot food on a slightly chilly day.

Overall a great day and a really fun playground!

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