April 6, 2008

Steven's Creek county park

This weekend we went for a short hike with our friends Jan and Cecile around Stevens Creek county park and Fremont Older open space preserve just outside of San Jose. It wasn't a long hike, maybe only 1 hour and 30 minutes, but it was nice to get out, get the blood flowing and see something of the area. Also it was really a great view from Maisie Peak. Here are some pictures I took.

Our route too us from a trailhead starting along the road going into Steven's Creek park, up to the ridgeline and 'lookout point', and then out of the park and into the Fremont open space preserve beyond it where we followed the Vista trail and branched off quickly up to Maisie Peak. Basically from what I gather all of the county parks and wilderness preserves butt right up against one another from San Jose down basically to Santa Cruz. Only they seem to cover one hill range at a time.... odd that its not just all managed into a few bigger parks. But such are the mysteries of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

If you're in the area and looking for some nice hikes this kind of short trip might be right for you. Have a look through this map of Stevens Creek, and this one of Fremont Older. Because this was definitely a solid little morningtime hike. And well worth the effort.

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